I am Mark Gerkules.
Applications and Websites Designer from Israel
Founder of The Wireframer

It all was started when I was 13 years old when I just start seeing and understanding that big word "Design" in the start, I thought that graphic design is easy and everyone can do it in word or other programs, But when I get into this I start really quickly realize that graphic design is hard and you need to understand a lot of other topics that around graphic design, so in 13 years old I went to little course that teached all the photoshop basics and it was really boring for me personally, I was like the best In the class and the stuff they teached there was really easy for me.

after the course was ended, I just wanna sit a front of my computer screen and see youtube tutorials about graphic design all the day, and this is the way I started became what I am Today, it was hard, but it's really worth it I sit days by days on my computer and the results are showed themselves, 2 years later the clients start to come and I really enjoy seeing my Logo designs in some websites and other stuff, It was my really best part of the design projects.
I learned that you Must be Amazing designer in what you good in. If you want to be the best, you must do your best, that anyone other can't do for you.

available for new interesting projects.
Mark Gerkules